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How Emotions Can Get in the Way of Selling

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t think of your property as just a building with rooms and a backyard. To you, it’s much more than that. It’s a home. When you walk into your dining room, for example, you don’t merely see the table and chairs. You see memories. You recall laughter with family and friends. It’s emotional. That’s what a home is all about. However, buyers don’t want to buy your “home”. What they really want to buy is a property that has the potential to become their home. While you see memories of family dinners, they see room dimensions and what the dining room may look like with their furniture in it. That’s why, when you’re selling your property, you need to keep emotions at bay as much as possible. In fact, the best mindset is to think of your property as a product. The more attractively you present that product to prospective buyers, the more likely you are to get good offers. That’s why cleaning, depersonalizing, and staging are so important. My lifesaver for staging is Lori Butler of Upstaged Home Staging & ReDesign. Lori is a pro at visualizing simplicity amongst the chaos of moving. She helps guide our clients toward the peaceful, serene energy that is so appealing to buyers! Her expertise is invaluable and has had a very positive outcome on many of my client's sales! I cannot say enough good things about her. Setting a price that aligns with your home’s current market value is also very important. You may have put your heart and soul —and many weekends —into landscaping the backyard to make it a summer oasis. It may, in fact, be a strong selling point of your property. But that improvement will only add to the selling price an amount that the market, not your emotions, dictates. So keep emotions out of the selling process as much as possible. Save that energy for turning your next property into your dream home. Want more tips on selling your property for the best price possible? Call today Betty Lou Killen 902-478-3127 Lori Butler 902-476-1248

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