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Betty Lou Killen,
Certified Real Estate Consultant

Making Your Vision a Reality

       After a successful career in the public sector, I decided to build a successful Real Estate career.  I have now been working as a licensed REALTOR® since 2017. I would not be able to do this work, without the benefit of my first career as a municipal public servant, and I am very excited about the opportunity to continue to develop my Real Estate business.

       Previously, as a career Recreation Professional, I was involved with everything from direct program delivery, facilitating leadership development for youth and engaging in community development, to facility management, business planning and working with volunteer boards.

       Later in my career, my role was primarily doing strategic planning and project management for large community facility projects, multi-sport events, and large regional facilities.  Never a dull moment, and  quite an opportunity to experience and manage both community and political needs and priorities. 

       I’m a strategic thinker and planner, problem solver, and communicator. In the Real Estate business, like in the corporate world, the road to success, or in this case, your dream home, can be challenging and stressful. I provide the level of service you expect, and then some.  Whether you are buying your new or selling your existing home, I bring a wealth of information personally, and through my team of experts, to meet your needs, and ensure your process is seamless and positive.  Together, great things are possible!

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